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Thank you for your interest in our Online School. We will be adding more courses to our school as they become available. Courses that will help you further your real estate investing careers!

For now we have two different course options:

Joint Venture Jumpstart

This course is designed to help newbies and seasoned investors find Joint Venture partners, simple as that. To learn more about this course, please click the course below.

Barry McGuires Joint Venture - Legal Perspectives

This course is designed to give newbies and seasoned investors the nitty gritty details behind completing a Joint Venture, including an up to date, simplified easy to explain documents you need to complete a JV transaction. Barry McGuire is and was the lawyer we have been using from the start! When we had difficulty, he was our main resource to solving the problem. See what Joint Ventures look like from a lawyers perspective. To learn more about this course, please click the course below.

JV Jumpstart Bundle

Both our courses combined at a discounted rate. If you're thinking both will help, save money by purchasing the bundle.